B3RAP's Privacy and security website

Hey, and welcome to my website purely based on privacy and security! On it, you will find many privacy and security guides! Hope you enjoy your stay here! :D
Also yes the website doesn't look good, but seriously is that a big flaw? At least it's dark :p

My Bitcoin address (if you want to donate me) : 1Q8dZDTDxzJ1YLbm4fYfEK8KvDq86LFucU

My Monero address (in case you don't have Bitcoin) : 48TcS6sHWfS1zceg9yUYNcPUBa6rng1dHLQFqwidVWLoVJZP8q9EKxmPEcyaqU5763hbgG3gnx6N4Nj4axNCbePDEZBoQYZ

My email if you want to contact me (I try to respond ASAP) : anerruption@disroot.org

Shoutout to the Dig Deeper website that somehow motivated me to make a website.

The current list of guides :

Last updated : June 12th 2020