B3RAP's Privacy and security website

This website is deprecated, here is my new website : https://sartox.pw/

Hey, and welcome to my website purely based on privacy and security! On it, you will find many privacy and security guides! Hope you enjoy your stay here! :D
Also yes the website doesn't look good, but seriously is that a big flaw? At least it's dark :p

My Bitcoin address (if you want to donate me) : 1Q8dZDTDxzJ1YLbm4fYfEK8KvDq86LFucU

My Monero address (in case you don't have Bitcoin) : 48TcS6sHWfS1zceg9yUYNcPUBa6rng1dHLQFqwidVWLoVJZP8q9EKxmPEcyaqU5763hbgG3gnx6N4Nj4axNCbePDEZBoQYZ

My email if you want to contact me (I try to respond ASAP) : anerruption@disroot.org

Shoutout to the Dig Deeper website that somehow motivated me to make a website.

The current list of guides :

Last updated : June 12th 2020