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What is software that you shouldn't download?

Software that you shouldn't download is basically software that is classified as adware, has too much ads in it to be atleast usable, or even malware. It could also be a software that forces you to pay to actually use the software, like ByteFence and SpyHunter where you need to pay to remove the malware.


FastBrowser is a web browser based on Chromium that is bloated as fuck, I classify it as adware and potential malware. First, their privacy policy is blank as fuck. They only share informations about the website, not even the browser itself. Let's test it then!
First, the installer tried to download what they call "prefs". I'm not sure what this is yet.
And on my first run of it, it made, guess how many... 26 unsollicited requests! But that's not even the worst part, since the default search engine is... SafeSearch. A shitty non-secure search engine based on Yahoo. They even have an address and an e-mail! I won't contact them, I'm just providing you the e-mail if you want to contact them.
You can't even change the default search engine when you open a new tab, so you're kinda stuck with that shitty search engine. And configuring the browser's settings still results in 15 unsollicited requests (and counting...).
By the way, scanning the VM with Malwarebytes makes it find 518 threats just because of FastBrowser. It created some weird registry keys and all files were infected.
Conclusion : AVOID THIS POTENTIAL INFECTED BROWSER AT ALL COST!! Anyway, next software is...

Simplitec Power Suite, partnership with uRage by Hama

Do you know uRage? The gaming brand made by Hama. Well, they made a partnership with simplitec a long time ago so you can have a beautiful piece of paper with 2 different links (for the same thing lmao) in your box with their first uRage mouse. One link was the simplitec website with hama-gaming after the / and the other with hama-game after the / (they both redirect to the same link). Bullshit Microsoft Gold and Silver Partner. They have a free software called simpliclean, but we will focus on the power suite since it's what they offered with the partnership.
They don't have an empty privacy policy like some other websites, but I don't see anything in relation with their product (and it will be too long to search for something). Let's test the program!
On my first run of it, I notice 12 unsollicited requests. AND, two of the requests are for usage statistics related with Piwik. Ok, let's see what the program offers!
So, it offers 3 tools : simpliclean, which is free, simplifast and simplisafe, that requires to buy the software to use them. Well, we can scan the system, but not remove the "recommanded optimizations". There is also a High Speed Mode to make the PC as fast as the speed of the light. Just kidding, this is probably some bullshit again.
The program will just clean your registry and junk, use High Performance plan and do some other things that free software can do.
And you can't use simplifast and simplisafe since you need to activate simplitec power suite to use them.
The High Speed Mode will use the High Performance plan, terminate useless services and background processes and optimize processes priorities. These are options we can do ourselves, or via using free software.
To finish, there is the Autopilot, which is actually kinda useful, it warns you when a program adds itself to the startup, modifies registry keys, etc.
Conclusion : Trash software that can be outclassed with free software like CCleaner. Avoid at all cost! Next is...

Windows Doctor

Windows Doctor is a software developed by Sunnydigits Software Co., Ltd. that, from its name, is the doctor of Windows. But is it really that good? No. And we'll see why!
I would've like to start off with the privacy policy, but they don't have any. That already sounds bad. Well, let's see what the software has to offer! The website has also not been updated since 2014.
At the first run of the software, I noticed only 3 unsollicited requests, which were just update checking. Not bad. Let's see what the software has to offer!
On the "System Booster" tab, we have : Hardware, System, Application, Service, Network and Internet Explorer Optimizer. Only optimizers. Ok, let's "analyze" and "boost" my system then!
From Windows Doctor, I have only 2 things optimized (Screenshot 1, Screesnhot 2). Let's optimize my system!
Done! Now let's move on to System Security, basically the "Antivirus" side of the software. Let's diagnose my syste- Wait, what? It can only remove 5 Windows System Vulnerabilities? Well, let's still give it a try...
But then... another pop-up came out of its cave. Damn, I need to update my LIB definitions to detect Windows System Vulnerabilities, but you're still giving me the choice to diagnose my system. Ok, let's update them...
Now let's finally diagnose my system! Wow... I totally wonder why I have 193 Windows system vulnerabilities on my system... that's TOTALLY not suspicious.
Okay, let's quit jokes. This program is absolute bullshit, 193 Windows system vulnerabilities. Are you kidding me? You can only fix 5 of them. So that means I won't be able to get a stable and fast VM? (extremely sad face) Just kidding. What it does is just download Windows Updates. It's just because I didn't install all Windows 7 updates. And you call all of them "vulnerabilities"? Damn, hackers will penetrate my VM and use it to botnet a website... LOL.
Conclusion : No need to go further, we all know this is bullshit. First, no privacy policy. Second, bullshit program that can be outclassed by free software and even... you. Avoid at all cost and use free software and your brain!


ByteFence is known to be a fake antivirus, but it is not. Actually, it's an antivirus where you need to pay to remove the malware. This is exactly the same practise SpyHunter uses. You still have many great alternatives that do NOT do that such as Malwarebytes and ClamAV.
Conclusion : This is an anti-malware that makes you pay to remove malware. It is not fake, but certainly not something you would use. At least, they give you a 2 weeks trial of their Pro version. But still, avoid it and try to use something else better.


SpyHunter is even worse than ByteFence : Ok, ByteFence makes you pay to use their software, but they didn't sue BleepingComputer like SpyHunter did for just saying it was bad. Yes, if Enigma Software sees you saying bad things about their product SpyHunter, they will sue you. Really, what could be worse? Nothing. And SpyHunter does the same practise as ByteFence does, paying to remove malware.
Conclusion : Worst antivirus ever, sues everyone that says bad things about them, you need to pay to remove malware. AVOID at ALL COST and USE something else BETTER!!

360 Total Security

360 Total Security is an antivirus software developed by Qihoo 360 that has too much features. Speed up your system, Clean up your system, Toolbox where you can install popular programs, etc. It is bloated with ads and forces you to go premium. It can also use Avira's engine to search for malware. This software is just a way for China to get money, don't ever download or buy that software.
Conclusion : This software is bundled with bloat, features and ads. This is just a way for China to get more $$$ by forcing you to go premium and remove ads, get all features etc. Just avoid and use some free software and your brain.

PC Optimizer Pro

PC Optimizer Pro is an optimization software developed by... PC Optimizer Pro. Okay? Seems like they only own one product the- wait, no? They own 5 products?! Okay, let's install PC Optimizer Pro and see what it has to offer...
Before that, there is a funny thing, which is that a YouTuber by the name of Enderman discovered a security breach to login on PC Optimizer Pro's admin panel. You just have to go there and put a space in the username and a space in the password... pretty insecure, right? You can manually generate a license key for each of their product! Pretty nice, huh?
Also, I found that the company that signed the installer is called Xportsoft. It's the "Top IT Solution Company in India". Well, with what, let's move on to testing the software!
Before scanning my system, I notice something that breaks my eyes : the French translation. It's HORRIBLE! (Here's a screenshot if you can understand French.) Now, let's scan my system and...
Oh no! I have a total of 149 items to be cleaned! Let's clean the- oh, I need to activate the software. Manual license key generation to the rescue! Let's activate the software and...
Nice, it worked! Now let's clean up my system... Done!
Let's quit the jokes. Did you really think that it's a good software? No. It mainly removes what CCleaner can. This is just shit paid software that does the same practise as ByteFence and SpyHunter does : you have to pay to clean your machine.
Conclusion : Horrible software that can be outclassed by free software, terrible security. Just avoid and use free software and, again, your brain.


SUPERAntiSpyware is an anti-spyware developed by, Inc. which isn't that good. And we'll see why right now.
First, on their installer, they recommand Google Chrome for "improved security". I already smell the bad anti-spyware already (we all know that Google Chrome is trash when it comes to security and privacy). Thankfully we can uncheck the options then proceed to the installation.
At the end of the installation, they ask you for your email address to basically receive shit. We can just skip that and- wait no, it's not over. We now get this which is basically to configure the software. They also checked by default "Submit a system diagnostic to help identify potentially harmful software". No thank you, I won't help you since you recommand Google Chrome. And then we can FINALLY launch SUPERAntiSpyware.
Oh wait, we get another pop-up... this time it's for a trial for their Pro plan. Wait, I've downloaded the Free version and it asks me if I want a Pro trial?! What the fuck?! No, I don't want that. Get out of my way!
Oh no, it looks like it's bundled with more features than it needs... System Investigator, Uninstall Unwanted Programs, SUPERDelete File Removal, "Repairs". There are just too much features than it needs.
The software's settings button is also hidden : you need to go to the System Tools, then click Preferences. (Why in System Tools?) Wait, in the preferences, there is something tricky : there is an (unchecked) check box that says "Disable anonymous threat reporting". It asks me to send a system diagnostic in the installer, and now "anonymous" threat reporting in the settings? Why didn't you just check that check box since I didn't want you to send a system diagnostic?! Well, after all that... let's finally start scanning the system!
Let's do a quick scan. Wait, first, it found PC Optimizer Pro as an unwanted program. Okay, uninstall that. Let's proceed to the real scan.
Well, it was fast... 18 threats found. It only found "Adware.Tracking" cookies (tracking cookies to be more simple) and that's it.
While scanning, I found that the software is bloated with ads. There is a pop-up that tells me that I can have 24/7 tech support for 7 dollars a month, and there is an ad (that changes) at the bottom of the main screen of the software. And "strangely", the ads are all related to SUPERAntiSpyware or Inc.'s products.
Conclusion : This is a bad anti-spyware. I don't mean that the scanner is bad, it detects tracking cookies that even Malwarebytes doesn't detect. Unfortunately, it's bloated with ads, recommands Google Chrome, encourages you to send "anonymous" data and a system diagnostic, and even proposes you a Pro trial even if you downloaded the Free version. Just avoid this software and use Malwarebytes, it's 10x better.

Systweak Softwares

I think you all know Systweak, the worst software maker ever. They mostly make paid software with trials. They also use the practise of pay to remove. Just for your curiosity, we'll test one of their software : Advanced System Protector, and we'll see why it's just bad.
First, the installer is pretty clean : you just press Next, and it installs and immediatly launches the software. It asks me for a scan, I'll just look at the settings first.
After configuring the program, I'm going to update the definitions, and then start a quick scan.
Let's start the quick scan now! And... oh no, it has detected 53 threats on my VM! Well, I'm just gonna delete everything and- wait, I can't?! Oh yeah, I remember, all Systweak softwares uses pay to remove (or pay to clean). And I'm not even gonna try to activate it because it just detected trackers and left-overs of other PUPs.
Conclusion : Systweak softwares are horribe, they do pay to remove (or pay to clean), their softwares are also scareware. Just search "systweak scam" and you'll find a bunch of websites and posts that explains why Systweak is a scam. AVOID AT ALL COST THESE SOFTWARES AND USE FREE SOFTWARE!!!

Malware Crusher

Malware Crusher is an anti-malware developed by... Malware Crusher. Just like PC Optimizer Pro. Well, let's just download and install that software!
First, the installer is pretty clean. They just give you an option to scan the system after installing the program, nothing else. So let's launch the program, update the definitions, configure the software and start a quick scan!
After the quick scan finished, I was greeted with... 91 threats on my VM! The most hilarious thing is that it detected Process Hacker 2 as a backdoor LOL (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2). I only provide 2 screenshots because I don't want to take thousands of screenshots. But it's just a hilarious anti-malware. You can't even choose what threats to remove! And, even if I tried to remove them all, I couldn't, because this program does pay to remove.
Conclusion : A hilarious anti-malware that detects Process Hacker 2 as a Backdoor, Uses the practise pay to remove. It's not the worst anti-malware I've ever seen, but it's like ByteFence : it's legit but you can do better. Avoid this if you can and use free software such as Malwarebytes (it won't detect Process Hacker 2 as a Backdoor LOL).

IObit Softwares

After looking at Systweak softwares, we're now looking at IObit softwares. These are actually better, they do more free software than Systweak. (By free software I mean softwares that doesn't do pay to remove/clean.) We'll look at only one software : IObit Malware Fighter 7 Free.
First, when you try to download the software, it redirects you to a Softonic page. And we all know that Softonic is trash and has bad reputation. But anyway, let's download and install it!
In the installer, they propose you to install Dashlane (it's an optional offer). Let's skip that and install the software!
Before finishing the installation, they ask us our email address, probably for some newsletter. Let's skip that! And, finally, there is a checked check box that says "Rejoignez IObit Malware Fighter Cloud Security pour Lutter Contre les Derniers Logiciels Malveillants" (translation from French to English : "Join IObit Malware Fighter Cloud Security to fight the latest malware". No thank you, I'm not joining that. We can now finally run the software and see what it has to offer!
Before starting a scan, we're going to update the definitions. Let's start the scan now!
And it detected... 8 threats on my VM! But wait, it already removed them?! Can't you just let me choose what I want to keep? Imagine if it made false positives!
Wait : It repaired and not deleted the files. Well, that's still a good point.
There is a problem though with IOBit softwares : they have a toolbox just like 360 Total Security does. And they do like Avast, they have a "welcome gift" that only lasts a week.
Conclusion : Not the worst anti-malware I've ever seen, however it's IObit, so don't except the best from them. Use it if you want, but I still recommand you to use Malwarebytes.

TotalAV, ScanGuard, PCProtect

These 3 antivirus softwares are both marketed by the same company. Same UI, same amount of protection, same price. People said it's a scam. We'll see why here!
Downloading and installing it was no problem at all. Just like Systweak softwares, you click Next and it installs the software. After that, the software launches and immediatly downloads and installs updates. After that, we'll configure its settings and start a quick scan!
Wait, it literally forces me to scan the system... well, let's wait for it to finish then...
It detected temp files, my browsers' history and cookies, duplicated files (which were for something important) and 3 security recommandations. Basically, it's shit. It's also bundled with features like Avast. Why would an antivirus software clean temporary files? That makes no sense! Anyway, I don't recommand these antivirus softwares since they are not cheap at all (49 dollars for this shit, you can get a lot of Malwarebytes keys) and they are classed as a scam almost everywhere nowadays.
Conclusion : Do NOT download one of these antivirus softwares, they will waste your money if you buy their plan, bundled with useless features that an antivirus software shouldn't have, and poor malware detection from what I've also heard. AVOID THESE!!

Win Tonic

Win Tonic is an anti-malware developed by Pc Tonics. The software has a REALLY bad reputation, classified everywhere as malware. Let's see what the software has to offer!
Downloading and installing it is easy. After that, we can immediatly start a quick scan : no definition updating. That already sounds bad for a not developed anymore anti-malware, right? Well, let's start the scan and...
665 PUPs found! Wow, that's a lot. Apparently, it found some infected registry keys, temporary files, invalid registry keys and it wants us to install "Ad-Blocker Pro". It really seems like some shady shit. Well, let's clean everything and... wait, what? You can't fix everything? It won't fix 488 PUPs. Oh, no! What a shame! Let's just fix what we can then. This is, again, pay to remove (more like pay to fix here).
The software even recommands to us "Driver Tonic" and "Similar Photo Cleaner". It seems like some sort of toolbox.
Conclusion : Some shady shit "anti-malware", VERY BAD reputation, pay to fix, etc. AVOID AT ALL COST!!

Total System Care

Total System Care is a shady optimization software made by the SafeBytes company. It also has a VERY BAD reputation, and we'll see why.
The installation is clean. Starting up the software, we're greeted with a nice interface. Let's configure its settings and start a quick scan!
And it detected... 189 elements! Well, let's clean them! And... oh no, I see some pay to clean here. Yes, this software does that too. I can't say anything more about this software.
Conclusion : Shady software, has a VERY BAD reputation and does pay to clean. AVOID and use some free software and your human brain!


MyCleanPC is a software developed by RealDefense LLC. The program has a pretty bad reputation, and we'll see why.
Installation is pretty simple. Launching the software and we're greeted with an automatic scan. After it finished, I saw it scanned... only 10% of my system?! Well, it found 3 problems. Let's fix them! And it did fix them.
It's a different form of pay to clean here. The trial version only scans "10%" of your system, but can fix all the problems that have been found. But since the software has a bad reputation, I won't recommand it.
Conclusion : I don't have much to say about this software. It may not be a scam software, it does though make a different form of pay to clean, which scans only a part of your system. Avoid and use CCleaner, it will do the job as a free software.

Clean Master

Clean Master is a software created by the most unfamous company Cheetah Mobile (which collects everything about you). But, we'll see if their software is actually good!
Installation is pretty simple and clean. When launching the software, we're greeted with a nice interface. Let's start a Junk Clean scan first!
And it detected... 881.3MB of junk files and 34 registry entries! Well, let's clean everything!
At least, we can clean every junk file. (But that can be outclassed by CCleaner anyway.) Let's try their PC Boost feature now!
And it detected... 92 items that can be boosted! Well, that seems pretty shady, it wants to "boost applications". Meh, let's just click on the big ol' button "Boost".
Done! Now, let's try their Privacy Clean feature! Scanning and... 325 privacy records found! Okay, let's clean everything.
Everything is done! They also have tools, but you need to upgrade to "Pro" to use them.
Conclusion : The software does it job, however, everything can be outclassed by CCleaner. And Piriform (or Avast if you prefer) isn't as shady as Cheetah Mobile, that's why I do NOT recommand using any of their products. Just avoid and use CCleaner which can outclass this software.

Reimage Repair

Reimage Repair is an unfamous, maybe the MOST unfamous, computer optimization software developed by Reimage Ltd. This software has a so fricking bad reputation, probably the worst out of all the softwares we've tested. But, let's see how much shit it is!
Their online installer is pretty simple. You have an option to NOT scan the system after finishing the installation. When we launch the program, and... wait, I've asked to NOT scan my system after the installation is finished, and you still do it? Meh, it's fine, but still...
When the scan is finished, I'm greeted with... 9 "stability elements" programs (fuck French translation), 1 virus and 1.16 MB of junk files! Okay, let's fix all that and...
No pop-up, but it does pay to fix. That's what I've expected. I have nothing more to add about this software.
Conclusion : Shady software as fuck, does pay to fix, and has the worst reputation I've ever seen. AVOID THIS AND USE FREE SOFTWARE!!!

OneSafe PC Cleaner

OneSafe PC Cleaner is another shady optimization software developed by Avanquest1. It already has a bad reputation, but we'll see what it has to offer anyway!
Their installer is very simple. Launching the program and we're greeted with an okay interface. Let's make a quick scan!
Oh no! It detected temporary shit! Okay, let's fix everything. Oh wait! To clean everything, you need to buy the full version, in other words, it does pay to fix.
The only thing "good" about this software is that it doesn't scare as much as the others. It detected a little amount only of junk and it doesn't scare me like "Oh god you need to fix this or you PC will always be slow!". No. It just says it's normal, you don't have to worry.
Conclusion : This is a shady software but still less than the others we've seen. It doesn't only have the junk cleaner, but it will just do the same thing : pay to fix. Avoid this and use free software such as CCleaner!

PC Cleaner

PC Cleaner is another shady cleaner developed by Monterix Technology LLC. Let's see how bad it is!
Installation is pretty simple. When launching the program, we're greeted with a pop-up that basically says if I want to view the scan results and fix the detected issues, I need to buy their software. In other words, it's pay to fix.
I don't even have to test it! And I can't even test it, since if I close the pop-up, the entire software closes. You can't even see if your PC has junk on it! Bruh...
Conclusion : Another shady cleaner that makes pay to fix, but you can't even scan your system with it. AVOID this program and USE FREE SOFTWARE!!

Advanced System Repair Pro

Advanced System Repair Pro is a shady software developed by Advanced System Repair, Inc. When launching the installer, I'm greeted with this. Beautiful, isn't it? Well, I think the software has a little problem...
After installing it, it does an automatic scan for us. Let's see how many things it detects!
Damn... it detected 65 issues to fix, 949 items to clean and optimize and 876.79 MB of disk space to free up. Let's fix everything, have to pay to fix. That was expected. But wait! There is a "Manual Fix" button! Let's see what it does! Oh well, you have to fix everything by yourself...
Conclusion : Shit software that does pay to fix. Although there is the "Manual Fix" button, you still can't trust this program. Avoid this one and use CCleaner and other free software and your human brain!

WinZip Driver Updater

WinZip Driver Updater is a driver updater created by Corel Corporation. But is it any good? No. And we'll find out why right now!
The software already doesn't have a good reputation. The installer is also pretty simple, though the funny thing is that the Cancel button is disabled in the entire installation. The software immediatly launches and starts a computer scan to find outdated drivers. Well, it only found 1 outdated driver. Let's click on the big ol' green button "Update all"! And... fuck, the softwares uses pay to update. Well shit, let's click on the "Update" button next to the driver. Well, it works, but the problem with driver updater is the following : imagine if it gets the wrong drivers, you're basically fucked. And even worse if you run it in a VM, because VMS have generally proprietary drivers (like Guest Additions for VirtualBox and VMware Tools for VMware). This is very dangerous and these types of programs shouldn't even be used at all. The majority of them uses pay to update.
Conclusion : It's just like almost every other driver updater here, it scans for outdated drivers, but you need to pay to update them. AVOID THEM at ALL COST and USE your BRAIN!!!


µTorrent is a torrent sharing software that is extremely popular (and I insist on this fact) but also extremely bloated. So yes, it isn't any good, and we'll see why.
First, when you launch the installer, after a few steps, you get presented with some bloatware, like WebAdvisor and other stuff. You can decline, but most people will just blindly click Next without the consent of this happening. Not only that, but µTorrent literally shows ads on their software, like it was not enough. But anyways, apart from that, it's just some torrent software that should be AVOIDED at all cost.
Conclusion : It's so fucking shit I want to kill my self because of it. Just use Transmission or qBittorrent and you'll see that they're much, MUCH better. Just avoid µTorrent (and also BitTorrent, to not be confused with qBittorrent.)

Last updated : September 25th 2020

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